Tips for Getting In Contact With Influential People in the Music Industry

By November 26, 2019 music business
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Merely one person alone can only do so much for your career, for this reason, you’ll need to build a team of experts who all have a stake and interest in your career.

Your team should include a:

  • Manager: As the most important member of your team, your manager will oversee all aspects of your career. Look for experience and contacts.
  • Booking Agent: Your agent gets you live gigs and negotiates the best deals and guarantees. Opening for high-profile acts is highly desirable.
  • Entertainment Lawyer: Your lawyer ensures your contracts are in your favor and you are not getting stiff ended. In the music industry, lawyers also act as a gatekeeper and can pass on music to their influential contacts at record labels.
  • Business Manager: Your business manager handles the financials and business aspects of your career. Since an artist’s income usually comes from a variety of sources and royalty streams, it is not simple task.

A strong team of players mentioned above will help you get in touch and make deals with music publishing companies and record labels.

Getting in touch with music business higher-ups:

Conferences and Showcases: Attending, mingling, and showcasing your music at local and nationwide music conferences can connect you personally to some major music industry players. People like to meet face to face and making your case in person can do wonders. Look into South by Southwest and MIDEM. Stand out, make an impression they can’t forget, leave them with something physical in their hand, and follow-up with the contact after the conference.

Social Networking: It is a bit harder to get noticed over the internet, but in some ways, also much easier. You now can find contact information for your targeted contact via Twitter, Blogs LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and more. Post and record videos that attract a large number of followers and follow industry contacts as well. Interact with them slowly and don’t ask too much of them right away. Make sure your profiles showcase the best of your music and fan base so you impress the contact.

Doing Your Thing: Sometimes the best way to get in touch with a music industry executive is to keep doing what you do best and wait for them to come to you. If your music is great, you have die-hard fans, tours booked, albums selling, industry people will notice your success and want to be a part of it.

Location, location, location: Placing yourself in a music mega center such as Los Angeles, Nashville, or New York, will make meetings easier. You’ll be able to attend organizational meetings in your city, invite others to your showcases, and mingle where the contacts mingle. If you’re physically in the same area, it opens new opportunities for you.

In addition to the hard work it takes to create a music career, it is encouraged to always press on yourself, make connections, and keep improving your craft. With time and commitment, you may make the contacts you need to help your career.


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