Submit Your Music 

(Artists, Bands, Producers, DJ’s, & Songwriters Accepted!)

Submit your songs to the 5 record labels of the week & receive guaranteed feedback and possible offers within 7 days.

All payments are processed securely by stripe & cash app. All Genres Accepted unless stated otherwise.


RISK-FREE: Our service is directed to help you get offers from labels, management teams & Investors.  Feedback within 3 days is guaranteed.

Payments: All Payments are processed via Stripe & Cash App. You can securely pay with your debit/credit card.

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Labels?

In most cases 3-7 days. We will contact you directly if it takes longer.

Why Would I Pay To Submit To Major Labels?

We submit to labels either in person at their offices our through our mail service that is guaranteed to reach and be heard by label execs. These services we offer cost us money so we cannot offer them for free to artists. We do have free opportunities available but the feedback and offers are not guaranteed.


For each artist, we will create a mini press kit that makes it efficient for music industry executives to listen to your music. Our press kits are mailed out or viewed in person at our label pitches to make the best impression. It costs us $14 to make these kits and $2 to ship them (even more if it includes more than 3 songs). The fee helps us keep this site running and pay our staff.

What Is The Success For Roster Deals And Offers?

Here are the numbers from quarter one of 2019

Record label offers – 22.8%

Distribution deals – 65.3%

Management deals – 32%

Industry Investors deals – 18.3%

Does My Music Need To Be Copy-written?

No, your music does not have to be copywritten.