How to Ignore Criticism and Stay Afloat in the Music Industry

By November 26, 2019 music business
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Nearly every musician faces lots of criticism from friends and family. Throughout recent history, the music industry has been a risky field for most artists. Before the internet, only the most popular bands could generate the huge advances from record companies necessary to record and release an album. Your well-meaning allies might beg you to choose another career that offers more stability. To the true musician, this is extremely frustrating; you want your friends and family to support your pursuits.

Don’t Give Up the Fight!

Most music industry success stories involve incredible patience. Some bands struggled for years before getting a big break. In the internet era, artists can gain fans without necessarily having to impress some lofty gatekeeper like a record company executive or manager. In fact, the luck aspect of music industry success has largely grown obsolete; you can become the master of your own fate and gain fans online without having to partner with a label at all.

Discover Your Niche

The small business approach to music industry success involves cultivating a distinct niche. For example, a guitar player might be able to build a career by releasing instrumental songs that primarily appeal to other guitar players. Another band might choose to build a career by playing chaotic heavy metal for a very specific audience worldwide. There are so many types of music that online users consume, and many artists have been able to pay the mortgage by appealing to fans of boutique genres.

If you want the support of a label, lots of independent record companies cater to boutique genres. They also must pick from a smaller pool of bands. The supply and demand factors thus favor musicians who play in these distinct genres; fewer competitors battle for the attention of specialized independent labels.

However, an artist need not design his or her entire career around attracting the attention of music industry professionals. Online tools are often used to accomplish some of the same purposes. Distribution services allow you to offer songs for download on popular platforms like iTunes. Social media sites are wonderfully inexpensive marketing tools. Home recording software helps musicians record professional sounding songs.

With custom iPhone apps, you can put your band in the pockets of your fans. Content delivery has never been more inexpensive and easy for independent bands. You do not have to hire a public relations firm to deal with blogs. Nearly every activity can be managed in-house by any indie artist.

Your Detractors Are Helping to Toughen Your Spirit

They say it will never work. They tell you to pursue an easier career at an established company. This is not the life you have in mind, and you should not submit to the fears of others. Now is a great time to pursue a career as an independent musician. Build your brand like any other small business. Use conventional tools like search engine optimization and social media to become a top artist in your chosen niche. The internet has helped many musicians develop into viral sensations. Ignore the criticisms of others and press on with confidence. Let every word of discouragement inspire more time spent perfecting your craft. Music is a language that everyone understands; speak it fluently and pursue your dreams without fear.


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