Getting Creatively Aggressive With Your Music Promotion

By November 26, 2019 music marketing
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Are you part of an indie band, and have you been anxious about finding the best ways there are today to promote your music? As any member of an indie band with any experience will tell you, about the most important thing you can do to put your band on the map when starting out is to somehow get the word-of-mouth going. At the very early stages of what is undoubtedly to become a great musical career for you, you’ll find that spreading the word and getting the buzz going is about the best thing you can do to ensure that your band gains a foothold. There’s just one problem to all of this of course – music promotion does not usually come easily to those who have a small advertising budget or none at all.

How creative you get with your music promotion is just as important as how creative you get with your music. Without the one, the other just would not get anywhere. The first thing that independent musicians do with their music is course, to head straight for MySpace. Which isn’t a bad idea; but considering that MySpace is kind of overcrowded, you’ll need to find other sites on the Internet to showcase your music. As luck would have it, there are all kinds of MySpace competitors on the Internet, many of whom more dedicated to promoting music than MySpace is right now. All of these websites have their own fan base, and you could easily expand your appeal parading your music in front of visitors to these new websites.

Is it improbably hard to get your music played on the FM stations in your town? Stop competing for the same airwaves. Go to Internet radio instead, where there are thousands of radio stations streaming music every minute of the day in every genre you could imagine. Each one of them has its own dedicated fan following, getting your music played on them isn’t as hard as with the regular FM stations, of which there are only a few. The DJs on Internet radio stations, unlike the corporate-owned FM radio stations, are completely independent – they aren’t puppets promoting music that their corporate bosses want them to. You’ll get a much better welcome at the Internet radio stations.

Engaging your music in favor of a cause is a great way to get known. If you place your music on a compilation CD meant to support a cause, or if you sign up to play at a charity event, you could really associate your act with a popular idea out there. The more you music is heard, but more you will develop a few dedicated listeners who will be willing to be your ambassadors. With the kind of opportunities that are on offer now, almost any independent musician can make a wonderful go of their music promotion.


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