Breaking Into the Music Industry – 5 Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out

By November 26, 2019 music business
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With the rampant politics, fickle fans and lack of knowledge abound, it seems a Herculean task to make yourself stand out in this challenging industry. However with a set mindset and a few select skills at your disposal, you can and you will make it big into the industry. Here are a few pointers for you to take a look at.

    • Passion:Harbouring a music ambition?-many people do! What many people do not is make their way into the industry. The reason? To break into the music industry, you have got to put yourself in, lay the insecurity aside and make a go for it! You might be a top class musician but opportunity will not come to your door on a silver platter, you have to work for it, and maybe even be willing to accept that you are going to make a few mistakes in the quest for your success. What is indeed important is never to lose your passion, that fire that makes you a good musician!


    • Contacts: Music industry is a lot about connections. Who you know is very important in the long run and the people who can help are not going to come and ring your doorbell. You have to go and meet them, establish contacts and get them to open some doors for you. The bottom line is that networking is good, networking is essential, after all what you do not ask for, you will never get!


    • Management: There are things in your music career that you are good at, and there are things which are better off being handled by somebody else. It is important to know the difference and let a few select trusted people handle these works for you. Remember, collaboration is important and cooperation unavoidable, no matter how good you are.


    • Organization: Music is an art; music industry however is all business. It is important to draw a line between the two. It is also imperative to get your contracts right, your communications professional, deadlines met and expenses carefully considered. If you want music as a profession, it always pays to treat it like a job from the very start.


  • Promotion: Life and careers can never be conducted from behind the scenes. It is vital to make your presence known. Be it social media, blogs or your own website, building a fan base is essential. It is always better to make your own website where you can build your distinguished image, your own brand or persona so to speak. Again, networking is important; your direct line to someone who can help you get a foot in the door might just be a tweet or Facebook update away.


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