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Our services are designed to get your music in front of record label execs, A&R’s, management companies, & brand investors who want to help musicians win! We have over 30+ case studies of artists getting signed to major labels from our service. You are guaranteed constructive criticism from the top execs in the music industry every-time you submit music.

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About Us

We’re based in Los Angeles & Atlanta and we’ve been helping muscians find opportunities for 10+ years. Chris (Former Def Jam A&R) & Sean (Atlantic Records A&R) put together a network of music industry professionals who seek to help musicians advance their careers. Every month we have over 300+ opportunities for independent artists including label pitches , investment pitches , &  tv/film placements. Were proud to boast that hundreds of artists have been signed to roster deals & distribution deals since the inception of our service. Getting your music heard by those who can change your life is easier than ever when you submit through our network.

When you sign a deal through our submission services we’ll never take a percentage of your deal. Our network is under contract to never share or steal the material you submit to us. It’s important that your music is protected and heard simultaneously. We give you full access to the people who can change your music career. With over 24,000 songs being relesed daily decision makers look to trusted sources for new music ; we are the only viable option for submitting new music to record labels , management teams , and investors.

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Getting major label attention in the music industry is easier than ever for songwriters, producers, and music artists. The misconception that many upcoming musicians have is that record labels aren’t looking for new talent but the hard truth is a record label won’t survive without singing new talent. If your overall goal is to get signed to a record label you need to focus on how you can make your brand an asset to the labels your interested in. If you feel that you are ready to showcase your talent to record label executives check out our submission service.

How It Works:

1. Submit Your Music

We will submit your music to the top record labels, management groups, & booking agencies in your genre. You can submit as many songs as you’d like.

2. Listening Session

We will hold a listening session with the interested labels to get honest feedback & offers on your music. Each listening session is done in-person to ensure that your music is heard by the labels.

3. Feedback & Offers

Receive feedback & possible offers directly to your email in three days. In the event that you don’t get signed, you will receive personalized feedback that will give you exact steps on how to get signed.

I did not walk away with a million-dollar record deal but I have free distribution for the rest of my life and 3 tv placements thanks to MICO

Chris HoffmanSound Designer/DJ/Producer

Two distribution offers and three management offers from one submission. This service is definitely legit


Alot of services claim to sign artists.. this is the only one I've seen post the artists they signed.

J SauceRapper